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I received my recording yesterday, thank you! Please thank Nicole for me as her hand-written card was really, really beautiful! I felt a million bucks after my session with her :-) Worth every penny.


A wonderful friend recommended Nicole Cody to me when I was seeking answers, so I booked in for my life purpose reading. I decided I would travel to Brisbane to meet Nicole face to face for this first reading. I have to say, I was impressed with her kindness, her use of metaphors to help me understand the message she was delivering. I was a little skeptical - because... psychic. I gained so much clarity. I walked out of that reading KNOWING that this was the most authentic person I'd ever met.

Top up readings, are always helpful, insightful and spot on. I get so much out of them. I look forward to reading Nicole's posts on Cauldrons and Cupcakes - she's prolific, honest, raw, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and one of the most amazing educators I've had the pleasure to experience. She's aware that knowledge is power, and shares her knowledge generously. Anyone who is going through any difficultly knows that they’re not alone. She gives creates a safe space to debrief, find understanding and get advice.

Nicole has also created a special (YOM) community. It’s like a town square where we can help each other, seek advice, celebrate, advertise and have a laugh. This community is in the front line to be aware of how much work she puts into her Facebook lives, meditations, lessons and different communities.

She is so generous with her time, care, lessons and thoughtful guidance. She makes sure that anything she’s involved with is a safe space. Nicole puts the “treat” back into retreat. She holds these retreats in a beautiful location in Byron Bay and specifically chooses the time of year to hold them. You are immediately aware that you are in a safe space to explore and learn. To attend, you need to fill out an EOI (expression of interest). I thought it was a good way for Nicole to understand what attendees are all about (expectations, how to meet them, etc.) - but it actually IS a genuine EOI. Not everyone who applies is actually invited to attend. One of the attendees had told me that her daughter wasn't accepted into the first retreat I attended. I was surprised to hear it - because I thought... why would a business woman turn $ away? But after attending the retreat, I understood. Every single person who attended was meant to be there. She hand picks us all. (Usually in any learning situation there is that “one person”– but that doesn’t happen here).

The first time I saw her channel Rollo, Sokoli and Silith was a humbling experience. The knowledge they have and pass on, through her, is invaluable. Silith cares about the political world, people at large and the environment. Sokli cares about our world of flora and fauna. Rollo’s specialty is about the human condition and more personally about you and your past lives and what it is to be human. After a long day of educating in the big hall, after dinner, we'd all gather again for Nicole to channel. This shows the amazing strength, tirelessness and commitment she has to everyone to give everyone the most and best information possible. As with everything Nicole does - she gives her all. She holds space for everyone in her retreats. We know she meditates for us before, during and post retreat. There is pre and post follow up. You are always cared for. She encourages questions – and is happy to listen too.

Nicole also has created a crack support team around her. They organise her appointments, retreats, are a sounding board and are a huge part of making sure that you are taken care of – answering queries and getting back to you as professionally and quickly as possible.

Nicole has clientele all around the world, so works in different time zones. After knowing her for over 12 years – she has NEVER dropped a name – discretion and anonymity is assured. I cannot say the same for some people who trade on their famous clientele - instead of concentrating on the content of their services. Nicole’s gift speaks for itself. To say that you receive value for money for any of Nicole’s services, is an understatement. You know she speaks the truth. The information you are receiving is authentic, holistic and with your highest good in mind. Nicole can’t help but do this. This is who she is. She talks the talk and she walks the walk. She meditates, journals, holds space and shares beyond what most of us would be capable of. I cannot speak more highly of her. I can only say that I’m a happier, better person for having met her. I am so grateful and happy that she is in this world – and that my friend recommended that I speak with her.

Jo-Anne Duncan
Executive Assistant and musician

I had a reading by Nicole Cody on the 15th April three years ago and since then my life has changed completely and now I'm living my purpose.

I am truly grateful for the wisdom and direction Nicole Cody has given me and I'm addicted to her Cauldrons and Cupcakes blog!

Kind regards


Can you please pass on my sincerest thank you to Nicole for my reading. She went well over time and gave me the most inspiring and informative reading I have had. It was such a pleasure to meet her.

Yours sincerely,


At the start of 2012 I had just turned 65 and I was having a life reading update by an amazing and insightful lady in Brisbane. Nicole Cody. No, not a fortune teller, this lady nails you to the wall with the truth. I had been to see her several years before, for a life reading and her advice at that time probable saved my life and I started to turn things around. Moved on from depression among other things.
Make of readings what you will but this worked for me. I said to her that birthdays and getting older hadn't really bothered me before, but turning 65 felt really strange. That's easy was the answer, you haven't lived passed 65 in all your previous lives. [Previous lives is a story for another time.]
The timing of this is interesting considering what was to transpire later in the year. Also being a medical intuitive she advised me to urgently look at my prostate health....that's interesting, I feel OK. There are no symptoms. I don't think there is a problem. I thought.
But there was........ I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and within days was organised for surgery and then treatment. I feel like I passed a potential exit point when we, on some level, choose to leave. That was a few years ago now, and I believe I have an opportunity to make the most of the rest of my life.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Nicole’s work. She saved my life.


Dear Nicole,
Thankyou so much for your guidance over the years. I received my Naturopathy Diploma in May & I never ever would of been able to do it without you planting the seed in my head & giving me strength. You are an earth angel & I am blessed to know you. Much love & Blessings,


I just cannot express how grateful I am for the wonderful reading. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me & sharing your words of wisdom & beautiful light of your soul.

As I thought deeply about what I wanted to ask you it had made me quite anxious for a day or 2. Knowing we were going to speak I supposed things I had avoided came to the surface. But I must tell you 5 minutes before your call the most overwhelming sense of peace came over me. I have never experienced such an immediate sense of calmness after being so cloudy & stormy. That same feeling comes over me every time I listen back to your recording and I am still finding ‘new’ things in what you told me, for my health and my work and my relationships/

I feel so blessed by everything you told me, your guidance has been immeasurable.. Once again, I can't thank you enough.


Nic, I'm still so blown away by how accurate your reading was and have got so much out of listening back to that first CD, even though that’s ten years ago. Best thing I ever did. I love having you in my corner, in life, love and biz.

Best wishes,


Dear Nicole,
Your readings and advices we have valued beyond words. They have helped, healed, strengthened, encouraged and astonished us.
Following one of your suggestions to me, the most profound happening was making contact with the local Koori elders to receive the blessing of their 'welcome to country'.
 Through a bit of time, persistence and the right intermediary person, two of the Aunties came to visit us on the land, followed by one of the Uncles.
Both meetings left us awestruck, filled with their simplicity and complexity, lightness, depth, wisdom, compassion, humour and intelligence. Amazing! I have never personally met an indigenous person in my life, and here she was taking each of us into her warm voluptuous embrace - a totally yummy experience!
Immediately on arriving, Aunty Elaine gave the ancestors a big echoing coo-ee and laughingly said "Now they know we're here". She said it felt right we were here, especially to heal, that the process of our journey had already begun, gave us an invitation to attend their next gathering (which is due in the coming weeks), and that the next step was to get the men out here to do the smoking ceremony.
 A week later, Uncle Larry came to visit. He said some 'visitors' had come to see him the night before, had told him about us and why we are here and that he should come to see us as soon as possible. He said and did some extraordinary things in the short time he was here, including the smoking ceremony. This meeting for G was particularly profound beyond speaking. Larry called him 'brother' and while embracing him with both arms, tears rolling down both of their cheeks, said "Now you're one of us, no need to worry, everything's okay."
 These meetings dispelled the lingering doubts we were having, at times daunted and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the vision and task ahead of us.
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou (no, a thousand Thankyous) for your guidance Nicole.

L and G 

The reading you did for me, Nicole, has helped me immensely. It's something that I think of ALL THE TIME. I often hear your voice in my head saying little snippets of my reading. I believe that it's undoubtedly given me the confidence to address a lot of suppressed hurt and feelings, to give me the strength to forgive myself and work at being less critical of myself, to remind me of who I actually am (I know I've lost sight of that over the years) and to start living the life I want to live. Of course none of this stuff happens overnight, but knowing that each day I'm working towards a better life is really exciting. Most of all, I think over the last 12 months I've learnt to breathe again.
So Nicole, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Alexia xox

I first saw Nicole in 2009 for a Life Direction reading. This very first reading set me on an incredible path of discovering my gifts and talents; as well as deepening my spirituality. My very first reading with Nicole was spot on about so much of who I already was and also opened my mind up to my potential in this current life. It was Nicole who highlighted that I had psychic gifts that could be developed. I have been able to work with Nicole through her top-up readings, spiritual development courses and through her online private Facebook Community. Regardless of where I was in my journey, Nicole’s support was able to take me to the next level. She is deeply insightful, kind, compassionate, but will push you just enough to help you shift your current awareness. I have recently had a business coaching session with Nicole and this has solidified my belief in myself and my business idea. In fact, my new business has been birthed because of the initial Life Direction I had with Nicole in 2009! Nicole has been an important part of my spiritual evolution and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Are you ready to meet who you truly are meant to be in this life? Let Nicole introduce you to your magnificent self.

Paula Redford-Bell

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Nicole has been a trusted advisor to me for more than 10 years. She has been fully invested in my success from day one with pithy and sensible real-world entrepreneurial advice, with a healthy dose of humor and, when necessary, some tough love. Nicole gave me the courage to leave my gilded corporate cage and pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. She has used many of the same business skills and insights she has shared with me to launch several highly successful businesses of her own. I know I also benefit from the ongoing investment she makes in her own skills as she often has valuable of-the-moment recommendations about tools, apps, systems, authors and thought leaders. I recommend her in a heartbeat to my friends and business colleagues.

Kimberley Bell 

We consult with Nic at the start of every year for advice about our business, our staff and our own personal journey. And then we top up when we need to. With Nic’s help we have navigated and successfully overcome or learned to manage marriage issues, our own health problems, a nervous breakdown, a child with serious mental health issues, business problems and we have moved to a place where our personal and business lives are flourishing and we are sitting in integrity with who we are and what we do. She has been a trusted advisor to us for nearly fifteen years, as we’ve gone from being in jobs we hated, to a startup, to a seven figure business that also gives us work-life balance and we couldn’t have done it without her. Rest assured, she’s no ‘woo woo’ queen. She gives compassionate, wise and pragmatic advice and we thoroughly recommend her work.

Alison and David H.

Wow - thankyou for such incredible insights and for the homework you sent me. And thankyou again for your time and advice yesterday. I get paralysed by indecision at times, so to have you give me a clear and overall picture of what you see is so welcome and helpful. I heartily recommend you to anyone who has a big idea and no clue about how to implement it in the world. Because of the guidance you’ve given me I’m finally working for myself instead of someone else AND I’m making enough money that soon my hubby will be able to leave the job he hates and go back to study while I support him. I don’t have enough words to say thank you for all you do for me. I can’t believe I used to feel like I was wasting my life but I didn’t know how to fix it and now I feel like I am right on purpose thanks to you.
Big hugs

Luisa x

Hi Nicole,

I can't seem to put into words how thankful I am for the incredible coaching session you gave me on Friday.

meeting you was the most life-affirming & inspirational experience.. I am forever grateful to you.

it has truly changed my life & realigned me towards my true destiny. I kind of always felt it, but meeting you & what you told me has given me permission to live it.

thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

much love & kisses,


Nicole’s readings have had a huge positive impact on my life. Interestingly while the whole first reading has given me a lot of insight - the most important part for me was being told my purpose, "of having personal freedom, to follow my joy and share that joy with others" I can't express what an impact that has on me, it was like being given permission to live my life and to just be happy being me.
Thanks again.


Hi Nicole,
Just want to say a big hello to you and hope you've been keeping well. Also I'll like to tell you that my life as you've seen is starting to take shape.

I didn't expect to enrol into a part-time post-graduate Acupuncture course and now studying Chinese medicine theory after enrolling to do Tibetan medicine last year. So I've got my hands really full now. On top I that I going to relocate to Melbourne to do these courses properly. So there's going to be a complete change in my life. Didn't really think I was going to be this adventurous! Sometimes it can be a bit scary with the unknown ahead.

So I'll like to say a big thank you for the 'sign-posts' or 'checkpoints' you'll given me, which has allowed me to navigate my life in the right direction, which I know I have to travel down.

I hope you'll continue to benefit people with your gifts, leading people from the turbulent waters of life to the calm waters of harmony.

Best wishes,
With lots of love and appreciation,


To say that Nicole has changed my Life is a ginormous understatement. Over the past 6 years I have gone from despair and on my knees, to following my heart, following my calling and stepping up and out into the World with renewed passion and vigour. I could not of achieved this without the guidance from Nicole. Nicole is an Earth Guardian Angel. Her wisdom & generosity never cease to amaze me. I cannot recommend Nicole Cody and her 'work' highly enough. Just do it, you will never look back only onwards and upwards. I actually LOVE her! (well you don't of course have to put that in but its true to the core of my soul) Thanks again BlossomHeart for everything you have done for me and continue to share with me 

Satisha Young

Nic, thank you so much for our coaching call. Here’s my update: I have a team I found on Fiverr building my new website. Did a Pinterest Branding Mood Board last night. Sent that to the designer this morning so my branding will be done this week too. Locked myself into a decision, finally, on membership platform and am already working on that myself. Have hired a PA and a VA to do my membership support And I doubled my prices and locked in my first three new clients which has paid for the rebranding and design work. All thanks to you. I’m on my way, and it feels fantastic. Love you

D.W. Melbourne

Hi Nicole, Just wanted to reach out and book another coaching call. I find my sessions with you invaluable, and we have been able to grow our business exponentially since we started using your services on a regular basis. The clarity you bring, and your capacity to use both your corporate hat and your woo-woo hat (should I call it that?) is what gives us the edge. I can’t recommend your services highly enough and I’m happy for you to share that.

Bronte, New York

Hey Nic, just a quick message to let you know that I have been offered a three-book deal by Hachette. Can you squeeze me in for a session soon? I really need to pick those beautiful brains of yours. And seriously, I need to take you somewhere expensive for lunch because I GOT A THREE BOOK DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M. C, Sydney

Hi Nicole, for a ‘flaky psychic’ you’re the best biz coach I know. You’re my awesome sauce and I’m really grateful Kevin put me in touch with you. Your guidance and support have meant the world and it’s helped me go from six to seven figures in less than two years. Love you and bless you for all you do.

K.W. Los Angeles

What a great activity your Business Bootcamp has been Nicole. I can't remember having felt so on track for quite a few months! Thank you!

M.P. Gold Coast

Hi Nicole, so this is my last Quarter review before our next meeting– launched membership, have 123 peeps enrolled already, have put book on Amazon where it is in top 5 in my category and was a best seller for one month, 3 guest podcast interviews from that and one invitation to speak, and also am using funnel through facebook and have sold 22 people into my mastermind program, revenue up by 200%, finally have recurring income and no longer having daily anxiety attacks. So I rock and you rock and we both rock and what else is possible?cole. I can't remember having felt so on track for quite a few months! Thank you!

Mark, San Francisco

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Courses and Membership:

I cannot speak highly enough of the nurturing support and guidance I’ve received from Nicole Cody. She’s brought me from a place of despair, to a place of hope, not by telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, but by helping me find the wisdom and strength with in myself. Her humour in difficult times makes me laugh. Her warmth and generosity fills my heart. I’m a children’s author who once had no confidence in putting my stories out into the world. With Nicole’s help, I found the self-confidence to trust my creativity and I can now stand in front of a room of people and talk positively about myself and my work.
I’m forever grateful for her friendship.

Jo Sandhu
Children’s author

I have been following Nicole's blog for a number of years now and have found her posts to be full of wisdom, guidance and practical advice. I have also been a member of her YOM community for a little less than a year and will also be attending her Platform Retreat in November 2019. She shares her knowledge with wisdom and grace, always willing to help those who need it. She is a guiding light for those on a spiritual journey and I have no doubt that she will help you on your path if and when you choose to pursue it.

Penny Aiken

Hi Nicole,
I completed the Visionary Talisman course about 6 months ago. Thank you for offering this course online. I learned so much about myself, and already these insights are helping me in my daily life. I can’t wait to learn more with you as I find your work detailed, supportive and never lightweight. Thank you for being part of my Awakening.
Deep respect and regards,


I first came across Nicole in 2003 attended a number of courses over a couple of years and then lost track of her. I found her blog online about 8 years ago. Since then I have attended a retreat every year and belong to a lovely private online “tribe” of like-minded people which Nicole mentors and guides. During this time I have undergone a great deal of change and shedding of layers of old hurts and protection to more fully understand and embrace the real me. I now accept myself fully and am happy in acknowledging I am intuitive, empathic, sensitive and spiritually aware. I now love creating art which comes from the heart, because it resonates with others and speaks my truth. I am forever grateful I have met and been a part of Nicole’s community and attended her retreats. They have been life-changing. I would highly recommend you do the same.

Cherie Durant 

Nicole Cody is the teacher that I was wishing for as I stumbled through my spiritual journey. She shares her own heart’s journey with openness and raw honesty. Seeing into her life, I didn’t feel so alone anymore and then I found that the online community she has created is filled with kind and supportive people. Nicole is an amazingly gifted psychic and channel who is willing to share what she’s learned over a lifetime of practice. Her guidance is helping me develop spiritually, but also to improve the other aspects of my life. The comprehensive courses that she offers include practical steps that help me succeed in making changes. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a caring mentor showing me how to find my own way.


Thank you for your advice and encouragement regarding clearing energies in my home. I did the energy clearing with sage and wow! I felt a sense calm in my home. It was as if I was floating through each room and feel the lightness Consequently my home has 2 offers above the asking price during first 2days on the market. 🙏


Hi Nicole, I love love love my Planner. The artwork is amazing and the words and lessons on gratitude it's amazing. In fact, it's too pretty to write in it.
I am very grateful I have bought one and I am going to tell all my friends it's a wonderful gift and tool. God bless you Nicole. xx
PS I have had 2 reading with you back in 2011 and another in 2014 and I love listening to them as they are so inspiring. Thanks a million.


I have been a client of Nicole’s for the last 6 years. I have had readings, attended workshops and retreats and become part of her membership group. Nicole’s compassionate guidance always helps me find peace and solace. All of Nicole’s offerings light a spark in my heart and soul. I feel blessed to have connected with her. I always share my experiences with my empathic friends, recommending that they seek out her Blog for support.

Thank you ☺

Emma Taylor

I have been following Nicole's blog Cauldrons and Cupcakes since 2012. I was the world's biggest skeptic then and thought all this "woo woo" stuff was rubbish.
I started realising I was wrong and there was more to life than just this reality.
I have attended retreats and learned so much more about myself.
Nicole has developed a programme of self learning/motivation for the year. It has been running successfully for 5 years now and is developing as we, her students, are.
Nicole’s new website and membership group? I can't wait to see it. I am sure it will be full of lots of useful tips, advice and recipes. I can't wait. I recommend her and her work.


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Retreats and Spiritual Mentoring:

Thank you for this life changing experience and the incredible love and support you are giving us.


Hi Nic,
My wonderful friend & guiding light
I thought it was about time that I let you know how eternally grateful I am to have met you and how blessed I feel to have had the opportunities I've had to learn so much over the years. You really have no idea how different I would be if it wasn't for you, meeting you has changed my life so much for the better.
 Since the mentoring course I have felt so centered and strong and feel as though I have much more flow in life and a lot less fear - it’s amazing, I know I still have a long way to go but I am really loving life and have a good mindset on things. You really are the most amazing person I have ever met, you know I love you heaps and heaps. I hope that you are well and happy, say hi to Sokli and the others. Lots of love to you


Thank you for being a generous soul and a beautiful spirit in a world that could use a million more people like you.

Thanks so much for being there for me and my business, for pulling us back into the black and helping me get my life back, and for everything you've done and continue to do.

You're the best and you're appreciated more than words can say.


Nicole Cody has been an integral and significant part of my life since I joined her Year of Me community in 2016.
It is so difficult to put into words the profound impact that she has had on my life as a mentor and teacher, life guide, psychic intuitive, business coach and friend. Words simply do not suffice. She has been instrumental in guiding my family and myself through life‘s difficult challenges, through the the loss of loved ones, through health crisis, through our personal spiritual growth and my own psychic development with ease, with grace, with deep wisdom and with love.
Since 2016 I have attended five of Nicole‘s retreats. They have changed the course of my life. They have opened me to my own inherent wisdom, they have helped me to connect into and embrace my spiritual journey, to find my purpose and seek and step into my life‘s calling.
When I first came to Nicole I had already undergone many years of traumatic psychic awakening in isolation and with no teacher for direction. In terror and confusion I shut down and resisted all that was naturally unfolding within me. Having found Nicole she has shown me how to step into and embrace these extraordinary gifts with gentleness, reference and confidence. These gifts have become an extension of who I am. And because of Nicole I finally feel that I have returned home to my true self, my true North and my true expression of all I came here to be. Nicole Cody you are the best!

With love and thanks for all that you are and all that you continue to be.

Kat Woodland

I first met Nicole in 2012 after being referred by a friend for a reading. The information she gave me then helped me to know and acknowledge so much more about myself and was like a guide book about how best to manage myself for peak performance throughout life. To this day the information rings true and things work better when I apply it!

As the years continued and I developed health issues, Nicole was able to give me information and support that Drs couldn't which has put me on the road to correct diagnosis, recovery and practitioners who now understand my health profile and can actually help me.

I have been a member of Nicole's online learning community and Facebook group since its inception. Her yearly planner is the best I have used. Her teachings, and the community have been invaluable in supporting my learning journey and the development of my own spiritual gifts and growth as a sensitive and empathic person. Everything makes more sense being in the group and having access to these teachings.

I have attended retreats with Nicole and experienced quantum shifts in my life after each one. My family have commented on the positive differences they've seen in me.

Nicole is a powerful teacher, healer, and psychic and my life has been infinitely better because of her place in it. I consider myself lucky to have found such a special mentor in this lifetime.

Thank you for everything!! Love you

Emma Polities

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