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What Do I Do



When you come to me for a consultation I take the responsibility of working with you very seriously. I honour your trust, and the opportunity to spend time with you. My aim through my sessions, courses, articles and workshops is to help you to understand who you are, why you are here, and how you can make the most of this lifetime.  I want to empower you with knowledge, and give you enough to work with that through just one consultation, course or workshop, you have the direction and information to make positive changes in your life.

Life is so fragile and such a precious gift.  With all that I have been through with my own health I know this to be true.  And yet so many people are living life numb and unhappy, or on automatic pilot, waiting for some mystical day in the future when it might all change.  Please believe me - this is NOT a dress rehearsal.  Each day of your life is just like sand through the hour glass - once it is spent it cannot be claimed and made over.  You have just the moment. You can live only in today, although you can have hopes and dreams for tomorrow.

Let me help you become clear about how to best spend those precious hours, days and years.  Learn to honour your identity and gifts and make the very most of this lifetime.


If you are looking for lottery numbers, platitudes and vague waffle about tall dark strangers or sudden financial windfalls you'd better go find yourself someone else.  I am not here to make you feel better or to amuse or entertain you.  I am not into phone readings like a dial-a-psychic to help you decide what movie to see, or if this guy is your one true love!

I am also not about making decisions for you, making you reliant upon me for every small thing, and disempowering you while putting me into the position of being all wise and powerful (at a price).  This life is YOUR learning journey.  The decisions and choices must be yours in order to honour your Path.


You are precious and your life counts.  I am here to help you to reconnect to the message of who you are, to identify your talents and the reasons you've come into the world at this time.  By having a deeper self-connection, by loving and trusting yourself and honouring your identity, your life can expand in ways you may have never dreamed.  It can become rich beyond measure - that is the gift of true self-expression and self-love.

All of my work is channelled using my Guides and yours, and my own Soul Wisdom.  It will be what you most need to hear or work with to facilitate the most powerful, positive and productive changes in order to live a life of meaning, happiness and fulfillment.

Personal Consultations  In my personal consultations I begin with a short prayer and connection to my Guides and yours.  Any strong first impressions or messages will be relayed to you at this time.  I work first as a medical intuitive, looking at what is happening in your physical body, any physical predispositions over your lifetime, and the best way for you to regain and/or maintain health throughout your life.  Each person has a unique physiology and so the information will be specific just for you.

I then look at your etheric aura.  I actually woke up on my thirtieth birthday able to see these auras and patterns of energy around the body.  (And on my recent fortieth birthday I woke up to see that I can now observe sacred geometry around and within the human aura - but I'm still decoding all of those new birthday gifts so I won't be sharing that information with you just yet!  Stay tuned for more on that over the months ahead!)  The etheric aura emanates from the heart chakra and it is the soul's blueprint.  It looks like rings or bands of colour, and each colour is actually a vibration that is encoded with talents, knowledge and even personality characteristics.  Understanding your soul blueprint will really help you to move through that journey of self awareness so much more easily.  t also helps you to make strong choices in life based on your authentic self.

We then look at your life lessons - things your soul has come here to work on in this lifetime for your own growth and development.  Life lessons go for the duration of this lifetime, as you develop skill and then mastery of the subject matter. Understanding what you've come here to learn will bring greater awareness about why you attract certain situations or relationships.

We also look at your life obstacles - short duration situations, relationships, challenges and opportunities that are devised to give you specific learning in an accelerated way.  Once you gain the learning from the obstacle you can move on and you don't meed to revisit it again!

Finally we look specifically at the choices and opportunities in the here and now, or just ahead for you.  At this stage in the consultation the information becoems very specific and whatever you most need comes through at this time.  For some people the focus will be on family, for others it may be health or relationships, investments, business, study or personal and spiritual growth.

I currently do most of my face-to-face work out of Brisbane.  But many of my clients fly into see me from all over the world.  If that's not an option for you I can do a phone reading with you, IF you first send me your picture, by SMS, email or post.  I can also do a pure distance reading where you send the information off to me, I tape a session in my own time and then post it back to you.  So I can work with you, no matter where you are!



My teaching work is aimed at helping you to access both your gifts, and your divinity.  We work to strengthen your connection to source, your intuitive ability, self-love and self-trust, metaphysical and healing gifts, creative ability and your natural talents.  Many of our courses are being designed for self paced study as our client base becomes increasingly global.  Contact us if you'd like more information.