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Perhaps one of the best ways to understand the way that Nicole works, and the impact that she has upon peoples lives is to read through some of the unsolicited testimonials from her many satisfied clients!

Hi Nicole, please use my testimonial on your website because it might help people come see you sooner rather than stuffing around (can I say that on your website?) like I did. Here it is, "I initially thought Nicole was too expensive, so I saw some local readers, and even a marriage counsellor. Then I saw a careers counsellor. Finally one of my dearest friends gave me a session with Nicole for my birthday. Well, for less than a quarter of the price of what I'd spent on all these other 'psychics' (who just read my tarot cards in a hit and miss way) or 'experts' who just left me sad and confused and needing to make endless ongoing appointments I finally got clarity that helped me understand where I was, what I needed to do, and the possible outcomes or choices for my future. I didn't need endless sessions with Nicole - I just play her tape back, and each time I listen to it I've gotten more out of it. Nicole puts a lot into her sessions and she's really caring. She's good at what she does, and I think she could charge $2000 a session like all those really good readers in the USA and people would still see her. Actually, while I was with Nicole a lady flew in from Melbourne to see her after me, and the man before me had flown over from Fiji, so she already has people flying in from all round the place. Are you getting this people? That wouldn't happen if she wasn't any good. She's the best psychic/counsellor/advisor/personal growth expert/spiritual mentor I've ever met, and her work has pulled me out of a great big hole!" Nicole, you have my 1000% endorsement.
Rosalee Shannon, Gold Coast

"I wish I could fully convey to you in a few words the difference that Nicole Cody and her team of guides (and my guides) have made to my life. For the cost of just a few hundred dollars I had a life changing experience with Nicole. I am a teacher and a Social Worker yet conventional medicine, my own research and even psychiatric hospitalisation could not heal or even make much difference to my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In the first half an hour with Nicole, I had the medical answers that I have been searching for for over 8 years. Nicole's intuition is amazing and following her advice which was absolutely spot on, I am delighted daily by the lessening of my OCD symptoms. I have asked Nicole specific questions about my OCD doubts and working my guides and hers, she has been able to wipe away years of doubt and torment in just a few minutes, something I have not been able to achieve in years of counselling. I cannot describe to you the absolute joy that I feel knowing that I truly do have a future and that I can love and enjoy my family, free of all this worry, guilt and fear. When I met Nicole I felt the layers just melt away and I was happy for that to happen, she engenders your trust quickly and really does honour you and your highest good in the reading. I also have to say that I really admire Nicole's ethics, she has a very special gift and she is very aware of the power that this gift gives her. I have always felt that Nicole's highest aim for me is to be able to take control of my own life and healing and she is giving me the tools to do that. If you are a person that needs hope, real hope which comes from knowing that you have a purpose in this life, that you are truly loved by your guides who choose to spend their time loving and protecting you, that you are more than just your current set of experiences and that you have the power to change your life then honour and love yourself enough to have a reading with Nicole - it will change your life too."
(name with held on request), Australia

Hi Nicole, I've organised ten people down here in Melbourne who want to see you, because Mike and I were so impressed with our sessions with you. It's helped us both personally and professionally so much. We'll pay your airfares and accommodation - anything you need, and we'll pay you per session as well - we just want you to come see us as soon as you can. And you can put that on your website - we think you're wonderful! Thanks for the great work you do, Alissa and Mike Harcourt, Melbourne

Hey Nicole, I just graduated with honours in my Law degree (age 42!), and I've accepted an overseas position working with environmental law. I can't believe that seeing you six years ago propelled me along this path. When I saw you I was stacking shelves at the local supermarket and I thought that was all I was good for. I'm so glad I believed you enough to dig a little deeper and make the changes you suggested I could do if I chose to. Now I finally feel like my life can stand for something. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I hope the work I can do in the future will go some way to make the world a better place for all of us. And know you have played a big part in this.
Sean Douglass, New Zealand

Dear Nicole,
You shouldn't call yourself a psychic - man, that's too lame for what you do. You have a voice and an authority that comes straight from Upstairs. What a kick up the b*** you gave me, and I really needed it and for the first time I actually listened to what I really needed to hear. You're right. I'm throwing my life away if I don't get into rehab. I don't know how you got through to me, but you did. My music has just degenerated and I'm angry and bitter and that isn't who I am. I'll dedicate my next album to you, Nic. You really saved my life, you earthly angel.
Name withheld on request. USA.

Dear Nicole,
Thank you for helping mummy and grandma believe me that I can see angels and talk to them. I think you are very fascinating and I think we have been friends for a very long time before this. I made you a picture of us flying around above the world at night helping peoples hearts feel better, Lots of love from your friend Tamara, age 8.

Nicole, I was just making arrangements to go home to my partner of ten years when I listened to your tape again. It was in the bottom of my overnight bag, and I haven't played it for six years. One of my Life Obstacles you identified was an issue of self respect within relationships, and you told me I was facing it then , and had already faced it once before. You said that if I didn't pay attention Life would keep hitting me over the head with a bigger and bigger stick, and that I was putting myself into danger. Shame I didn't listen to you then! Well here I am in hospital after the man I'm living with hit me one too many times. I can't believe I'm in this situation, but after listening to my tape I am finally ready to make some big changes and move on in my life. Thank you for your clear guidance and support Nicole. I believe your wisdom has really saved my life! I just wanted to write and tell you that my Mum is picking me up, and taking me to see both a counsellor and a solicitor. You are my Guardian Angel I am sure. Thank you! Melitta (name and address withheld)

I'm finally using crystals in my practice and getting good results. You told me I could do it and I am. Can't wait to start channelling! Will you be teaching this course internationally soon? Thank you. Raylee Louray, Johannesburg.

You are the most powerful and accurate psychic I have ever encountered here or overseas. You don't pull any punches. The information you gave me a year ago has changed my life forever. How can I thank you? Michael Doumany, Sydney

I have changed my job, my partner and my attitude. Why did I waste all that money seeing people who only told me what I wanted to hear? Some of what you told me was hard to take, but it was all true. My life is so good now it's hard to believe I am the same person. Jessica Tang, Brisbane

After twenty years of depression I finally understand why I am unhappy. And I know I can fix it, because things are already changing. I am already changing. You are my Angel, Nicole. Susan Blackmore, Melbourne

My healing practice has taken off. Thank you for showing me how to communicate with my Guides, and for giving me the courage to believe in myself. I am making good progress with my clients and myself, and the money is starting to flow... Anjanette Middleton, Albany

When my whole world seemed dark you told me to persevere. Without your support I would have given up. Now, two years later I can honestly say I not the same person I was when I saw you. The doctor diagnosed the problems you saw, and like you said, I didn't need surgery. I have my health almost back to normal, and my marriage and family back. Ray Bandelino, (Address withheld)

I feel like you are the first person who has really believed in me, Nicole. When I got down I played your tape, sometimes every day, until I began to believe in myself too. I have found myself an agent and finally my career is taking off, just as you said it could. I've been invited to a festival in Edinborough as an artist in residence. Thank you thank you thank you for helping me bring my dreams to life. Ross (Name and address withheld)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I'm telling everyone to come see you Nicole! You just made my world explode with Sunshine - I'm so excited about what I can do to make my world the one I need it to be. You just confirmed for me what I'd always thought but was too scared to really believe. Lots of love, Lisa Peachy, Brisbane

** Update from Lisa Peachy
Hi Nicole, when I saw your website I thought I'd better get you an update. Well, we started our cafe, and now of all things we've incorporated fashion and funky stuff with it, put some things up on the web and we're actually making money doing gorgeous creative things. Oh and by the way, did I tell you we'd moved to San Francisco? You're a genious Nicole and thanks for helping us live our own genius. You're brilliant. PS I'm pregnant, but you knew I was going to say that didn't you!

I am overwhelmed to have received the gift of your crystals and articles on meditation Nicole. You must have known I was really down. I just lost my husband, and I can't believe it has been two years since I saw you last. What ever made you think of me? Blessings to you, and I want you to know that I work with what you gave me every day. And it helps. Sometimes it's the only thing I can hold on to. Mrs R. Armstrong Hong Kong

Having never really consciously developed my spiritual side, visiting Nicole was somewhat outside the norm for me. This also meant that I didn't really know what to expect from my reading, but having heard positive feedback from friends I was intrigued to see what my reading would hold. The session was an overwhelmingly positive and powerful experience for me. Her insights have given me the clarification and direction I needed to really take positive steps in my life. Nicole's "Life Direction Reading" could not be more aptly named, it has provided me a map and the tools I need to help plot the course of my life. Although I didn't know what to expect before going to the reading, any expectations that I had were far exceeded! Hayden Kerr, Brisbane

It's spooky how you seem to just be able to see inside me, Nicole, but I'm glad you did! Your distance reading was a lifesaver. Thank you. Claire Fisher, Tanbee Station, Western Australia

Imagine someone from the other side of the world being able to sort out my messy life. I feel so much better about myself and where I'm going! Mr K. Hodgekinson, Cornwall, UK

How do you do it Nicole? Can you teach me too? Thank you for choosing to share your gifts. K Shan, Singapore