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About Nicole Cody

About Nicole Cody

Nicole Cody is no ordinary psychic. She has the ability to look deep into your Soul and to help you understand who you are, and why you are here. She doesn't just give you information - she gives you answers! The future is not fixed - it is fluid - shaped by the decisions and actions we choose every day. Armed with her life changing information you can powerfully transform your life.

Nicole doesn't tell you what's going to happen to you and leave it at that - in fact, life doesn't work like that - instead she gives you a detailed analysis of the best your life can be, and then gives you specific Guidance about how to get back on track. Nicole gives you options and solutions. She takes your hand and confidently leads you to the Truth, and then leaves you a map for finding your own best way there after your session draws to a close.

Nicole combines her own metaphysical talents with the wisdom received from your Guides and hers. The information that she shares about your Soul Blueprint will enable you to clearly understand what gifts you brought to this world, your true nature, and what you are here to do in this Lifetime. This information is true for your entire life, and this alone is often enough to help people turn their lives around. She also outlines your Lessons for this Lifetime, and what obstacles stand in your way. Then she turns her attention to the day to day running of your life, and helps you make sense of what is happening right now! Whatever you most need to know is always covered. Let your Guides reach out to you, in the most personal way. You do not have to walk through this life alone and unhelped. You will walk away from your session with Nicole armed with a lifetime of solutions, and a lifetime of understanding. What are you waiting for?

Nicole's wish for everyone is that they come to know how loved, unique and necessary they are to the fabric and evolution of this planet. We are all created for a purpose. By being true to yourself you can come to know and live that purpose, and embrace the joy of inner peace that being You will bring. Nicole works tirelessly to expand and brighten the world of others, to accelerate their Growth and Light their Path. She believes that change is a ripple that must first start within us, and that upon leaving us, will work miracles in ways we may never see or understand.

More about Nicole's Talents and Background

I have many enquiries from my friends and clients who want to know what exactly I do, how I do it, and what's been happening with me over the last few years. I hope by sharing some of my experiences with you, that it will help you to open up to your own talents, graces and individual expression of Spirit. I last updated this information in May 2004. I'm now updating it again in October 2007, so you can read the whole story. It's taken me that long to go to the edge and back, and be comfortable enough to write about it.

Metaphysical and psychic ability runs through the matriarchal line of my family, and goes back for many generations. Many members of my family have had profound intuitive or clairvoyant experiences, prophetic dreams, or an awareness of the 'otherworld' and an ability to connect and communicate with these types of energies.

I believe that every human being has the ability to further develop their 'sixth sense'. We are all born with it, and with belief and practice, we all have the power to improve our perceptivity and intuition. Metaphysical ability is like any other skill or talent. Some of us are at a natural advantage, because we are born with a sense of our ability and a love of expressing that ability, just as a child may love to run, and then become a gifted athlete when given the opportunity at school. However, just like a child who loves to run, and who wins ribbons and medals at school for their talents, unless there is a dedication to furthering that talent through training and discipline, the talent will still be there to be enjoyed, but will not enable the child to continue to expand their talent and become an Olympian. And that's okay too because not everyone wants to take a natural talent or ability to a professional level. I now use my talents at a professional level, and I do this because I am compelled to - because it is my Path and my destiny, and no matter how I have tried, I have been unable to side-step the inevitable!

I have been aware of my talents since a young age, and at a young age I also discovered that other people were not always accepting of what I wanted to share.

Although I had many metaphysical experiences until the age of about 14, at that age I chose to concentrate on my school studies and on achieving academic success. I believed that my spiritual abilities somehow isolated me and made me 'strange' at a time when all teenagers are trying to fit in and belong. What I really wanted to do (and it was a burning urge not just a gentle idea) was to write books that would help and enlighten people, and encourage them to further explore their identity, sense of self, and their spirituality. With little encouragement for that dream I chose instead to be conventional and look to the world of business for my future. I also became a workaholic!

I was awarded a position at University, and began my studies in earnest, only to become sick time and time again with acute tonsillitis. Each time I was sick, I would spend time reading books about spirituality and New Age topics, and I would have metaphysical experiences such as astral traveling and dreams in which information was shared with me. I also started to just 'know' things about people and events, and after a while this became quite comfortable for me, although I didn't share any of this information. I also kept notes on my expanding spiritual beliefs and experiences.

Finally I had my tonsils out, as they were interfering so much with my study and my life. I immersed myself in my books and my work again, only to become very ill with Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever all at once. I became so ill I was forced to take a year off from my University studies, and spent most of this year in bed, with just my family for support and company. During this time my metaphysical abilities really began to take off, and I became more open about sharing the books I was reading, and the meditation practices and crystal work that I was doing. Of course as soon as I was well, I put all of this newfound spiritual ability into a bottom drawer and went back to university to become a 'normal' person!

I had several more relapses during university, and was treated for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - a situation I found so embarrassing that I did everything I could to appear normal and energetic even when I felt like I was dying. And many times I did feel like that. During this time I was treated with numerous EDTA drips for heavy metal posioning, and endured many types of medical and alternative treatments in order to help regain my health, including exclusion diets, hormonal treatments, vitamin injections and drips, energetic treatments, biofeedback, bioresonance and blood transfusion treatments to name a few. Ultimately I recovered enough to find the energy to graduate and became a tutor and lecturer in business management. I secured a fantastic job, which I had to throw in due to another major illness - this time chemical poisoning! Because my liver had been so damaged by exposure to chemicals and pesticides as a child, I just couldn't cope in the rural environment I was in, where crops were heavily sprayed by planes and on the ground. I was told that I would have to live in a wilderness environment for the rest of my life, and avoid all forms of chemicals. I was also told I would never work again, and must not subject myself to environmental or emotional stress. Excellent !

I spent six months in bed, incredibly ill - more ill than any previous episode, and connected strongly with my Guides during this time. Once again I used a combination of traditional and alternative medicines and treatments to get me back out of bed. I als began channelling some very powerful enegetic meditation and healing techniques for my own use. What a godsend they turned out to be over the next few decades! It was stressful and expensive being ill, and very frightening not being in control of my life. Although my health improved it was incremental, and it was working with my Guides through meditation and visualisation that proved to be the most powerful tool available to me, although my diet and other therapies also helped. Finally I had enough energy to secure and hold down a job, and moved back into the workplace.

Over the next ten years I chased this cycle of illness and spiritual growth, followed by blatant denial of my metaphysical gifts and a desire to succeed in the ''real' world by working in some amazingly high profile and stressful jobs. I began to work with my spiritual gifts in small ways, seeing people for individual sessions, and running workshops, but overall I still hid my abilities, and tried to maintain a corporate focus.

Finally, many glorious illnesses and spiritual gifts later, I became ill with a bacterial infection in my brain. I endured the most awful forms of drug treatments, as the infection was completely antibiotic resistant, and did not respond in any way to natural therapies. My life was in jeopardy and it was an incredibly distressing and stressful time for my family, as well as for myself. Eventually after two years of intense therapies and drug treatments I came off all medications, but unbeknownst to my doctors and me I had not cleared the infection, and it slowly came back, and this time it also affected my heart muscle. It stopped me in my tracks, and even the experts told me that this was it - I could be managed but I'd never recover, and I would never reclaim the massive amount of cognitive function I had suddenly lost.

I became so ill I could not remember my name, where I lived and much of my past. My short term memory was devastated, and I had little energy or strength for even the most basic of tasks. I would go downstairs to do something and half way downstairs I couldn't remember if I was going somewhere or coming back!

I chose to put my health first instead of ignoring or just coping with my situation as though it was a minor inconvenience. That was the beginning of my long journey back to health. I spent a lot of time meditating, journalling and listening to my own body and inner wisdom. It was still a very hard place to be - I was just surviving, but at least I wasn't dying! I also wondered if my illness was a test somehow. When you're ill you often justify your situation based on your past actions, or wonder of it is a special challenge or perhaps karma. As any of you who've experienced serious illness will know, it's a time of great soul-searching and introspection.

At this time I was taking a veritable truckload of supplements and different herbal and other treatments. My whole life revolved around meditation, diet, and ingesting supplements or having treatments. One day (27 November 2006) I wrote in my journal "I wish I could just find a magic bottle of drops, and put them on my tongue, and they would make me better." I was just sick of the whole grind of everything I was doing, and I wanted a simple solution. I was fearful of giving up any of my treatments in case the one I gave up was the one that was working. My meditation was helping me get through the day, but I was barely functioning or coping, and I went through my days on autopilot. I had advanced heart disease, aggressive Hashimoto's thyroiditis, arthritis, endometriosis, a failing liver and kidneys, malnutrition, fibromylagia, and severe allergies and sensitivities to many foods and chemicals. My quality of life was just awful. By January 2006 at the age of 38 my doctors were telling my husband and I that we would have to find a nursing home for me, put my affairs in order and just deal with that continuing degeneration.

Amazingly enough, even though my cognitive function was deteriorating rapidly I could still do my Spiritual work with ease, and it actually helped me to be more energised and positive. That link to Spirit was a lifeline that kept me going against all odds. And then one day my prayers were finally answered and I found a simple natural product that helped me to profoundly turn my health and my life around. It has also helped me to attain even greater levels of clarity and connection with my metaphysical work. I'll be putting up more health information when my website renovation is complete later this year, but if you want to know more before that, just email us via the contact page on this site.

I now honour my body with exercise, wise food choices (mostly...) and plenty of water and sleep. I spend time in meditation and spiritual contemplation every day. I honour my craft and seek to expand my spiritual wisdom by learning from others, and from my Guides. I focus on what I do well, and try to do it better every day. I also try to live in a balanced way, where I honour the other aspects of myself. I am a wife, a friend, a farmer, a corporate business woman, a metaphysician, a writer, a spiritual being having a human experience. Spirituality is a philosophy and a way of being that shapes everything I do. It is an intrinsic part of me.

So, how do I do what I do? First of all I began by accepting and loving myself as I am. Then I began to make my private world more public, and to share my gifts with others. The more I have used and honoured my gifts, the stronger they have become. My awareness and abilities spiral in their growth - nothing stays the same, and I am constantly delighted with the wisdoms and skills I am developing. I give time to my craft in order that this growth has room and time to develop! I allow myself to be a clear channel for Spirit, and I protect myself and others by working for only the Highest Good. As I have worked I have found more effective ways to channel energies, and I have incorporated this into my work. My work always begins and ends with prayer and Highest Intent.

Some of you will still want to know more - the nuts and bolts of what it is that I do. Well, that's easy to explain, but understand that the road to where I am now has been exceptionally difficult! Now I talk with my guides as dear friends. I use my own Guides, and the Guides of some of my dearest friends and family members. Just like humans, each of them have areas that they prefer to work with, or where they have a clear interest or specialty. If you come to see me, I will also work with your Guides. Some Guides talk to me and I hear them in the same way I hear conversations with any person. Other Guides show me pictures or symbols, or perhaps even feelings or smells. Sometimes the information just sits within me, and I can feel it like a stone. When I open my mouth the right words just come out! And sometimes the Guides or Spirit just talk right through me - which is of course channelling. In fact most of my work now is channelled - that way there's no room for misinterpretation! I also work with auras - the energy fields around the human body. And I've done literally thousands of hours of research and meditation into what the implications of auric patterns are, so that I can pass this wisdom on to you!

By honouring the talents and truths within you, and by practicing and trying, you can go a long way towards developing the same skills that I use every day to help people just like you! I use my gifts to help people discover and honour their own talents so they can make a contribution to the world that is as unique and important as their very own individual auric blueprint. We all all needed, and we all have something worthwhile to contribute. By sharing our talents we feel better about ourselves and our place in the world, and we can bring positive change to so many others. It truly is the most important thing you can do with your life - just by BEING YOURSELF!